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This is an event and information section. From time to time we will post events or programs that might be of interest to you. This can include special programming, an event, concert or festival that we are involved in. Sometimes you may see a poem, a quote, a proverb or short story of interest, something that caught our eye and we are sharing it with you. Thank you for visiting our site we look forward to adding to your time and effort in keeping our passion of storytelling and bringing smiles to our dedicated participants.


Something you should know:

“The Djembe is an African drum, the instrument of the motherland.


We have found that where the drumming is strong the village is strong”

Have you ever thought about playing an African drum (Djembe)? I am available for private lessons and will teach you the basics of playing a Djembe.

According to the Bamana people of Mali, the name of the Djembe comes directly from the saying “Anke dje, anke be” which liberally translates to “everyone gather together” and defines the drum’s purpose. In the Bambara language, “Dje” is the verb for “gather” and “be” translates as “everyone”.

Baba Tony (773) 722-9786 – for details and information on lessons, selecting and purchasing a Djembe.



Ase: Chicago Association of Black Storytellers, Annual Concert

“Here’s To Life”

Saturday, August 11,2012, 6:30–8:30

Logan Center for the Arts (Theatre East)

915 E. 60th St

(60th and Drexel)

Special Guest:  BUSA Family

Featured Tellers:  Baba Tony
Brown, Velma Gladney, Dolores Gordon, Linda Gorham, In The Spirit, Oba William King





Sunday, July 8, 2012, 2–5 PM

Christ The Mediator Church

3100 S. Calumet

Join ASE and Christ The Mediator Church for an afternoon of storytelling and smooth jazz.  AT 2 PM the afternoon  begins with ASE youth presenting “We Represent!”  At 3 PM ASE adult tellers take over the telling and special guest, Soul Tree, will add their soft jazz to the mix.  This program is appropriate for all ages.  Love offerings are accepted and encouraged.  All funds will go to the National Association of Black Storytellers and Luther Relief for malaria cure.