Our Stories

Our stories are educational, entertaining, interactive and fun. Each performance is designed to fit into a 50-minute time slot; and, can be adjusted to accommodate your needs. Our stories are sprinkled with instrumentation from the African djembe, shekere, banjo and/or a myriad of other instruments, and laced with songs. Don’t be surprised when your audiences leave humming, tapping, chanting and sometimes even dancing. Choose a program and bring magical moments into your venue.

1.Jumpin’ Jambalaya


A bit of this and a dash of that! This is 50-minute performance of a general selection of diverse stories that introduce folktales, call and response, dialect and poetry.


2.The Harlem Renaissance Revisited


What a time! What a place! What a wonderful art! This is a performance of works originated during the Harlem Renaissance along with brief descriptions and anecdotes of the era, incorporating poetry, stories and the music of the period.


3.A Kwanzaa Celebration


A Kwanzaa Celebration is a highly energetic 50-minute performance that introduces to some and makes real for others, the symbols and principals of Kwanzaa. In this performance we learn about the Nguzo Saba—Unity, Self-determination, Collective work and responsibility, Co-operative economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith. During Kwanzaa (First Fruits) we celebrate our first fruits (Children) and begin to instill the Nguzo Saba (7 Principles).


4.The Talking Animals


The Talking Animals is a 50-minute performance of the most loveable animal characters from Brer Rabbit to the Coyote to El Mucaro. Packed with participation and fun, this performance will leave you smiling.


5.Wondrous Wonders
of Women


A 50-minute performance of stories by and/or about women—scientist, athletes, writers, performers adventurers. This is a celebration of women’s contributions and pioneering spirit.


6.Voice Your Choice


Voice Your Choice is a custom-designed presentation. Do you have a favorite story? Author? Theme? This is the show for your organization.


7.Civil War Stories


Why were the casualties of this was so high? Did you know that Harriet Tubman led soldiers into battle? This is a collection of stories, poems and information concerning incidents occurring during the Civil War.


8.A King’s Legacy –
Your Civil Rights


This is a celebration of Martin Luther King’s life and his influential accomplishments that led to having the Dream Become Reality! We take a brief look into the times and how King changed things for our better good.


9.Bringing Black History
to life


This is a taste of the many contributions and achievements of African and African-Americans making the difference in innovation and pioneering.


10.Earth Day Celebration


All the earth is connected from the sky to the sea, the land to all its creatures! This 50-minute presentation brings a natural appreciation for our earth as well as our animals. Come celebrate the earth through stories and song!


11.The Middle Passage:
Search For Freedom


This is a 50-minute performance that takes you on a journey through the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage explores the voyage from the West Coast of Africa to the New World and other various ports where Africans were left alive and otherwise. Though known as the “Black Holocaust” this passage infused African culture into many parts of the world.


12.Zora Neale Hurston


This 50-minute performance brings to life some of the works of Zora Neale Hurston. Fiesty, headstrong and wonderfully artistic, Zora’s life was as independently unique as her work.


Celebration of Freedom


It was June 19th that news came to Galveston that the war had ended and that the enslaved were now free. This performance takes us on a journey from the Emancipation Proclamation Executive Order issued in 1863 to the actual implementation of Freedom. Juneteenth—a time of freedom for African-Americans and the celebrations of true freedom. (Is this an oxymoron?) Come journey through the feelings, the joy, the questions and the successes. Feel the music and the presence of our people.


14.Gaspar Yanga:
An African Warrior


The African Presence in Mexico—As early as 1519 Spain brought shiploads of captives or enslaved people from Africa to Mexico. One African, Gaspar Yanga, from Gabon refused to be a slave. He became a hero throughout Mexico by leading a successful rebellion. Come journey through 36 years to true freedom.


15.African American
History Makers

  We take you on a unique journey through African American history using stories, historical facts, poems, songs, powerful proverbs and dialect. This is a voyage of exceptional contributions and accomplishments of African American History Makers. This presentation is accompanied by African drumming, shekere playing, and enhanced by audience participation, which includes singing and playing instruments. Come learn, participate and have a lot of fun!

16.John and Mary Jones and
The Illinois Black Codes

  This is a fully costumed performance of the life, times and accomplishments of John Jones, vice-president of the Freedmen’s Association, who was most influential in removing the Black codes from Illinois Law, and Mary Richardson Jones, his constant support. Find out about life in Illinois during the mid to late 1800s for free people of color, the abolitionist movement and the courage and ingenuity of this family.